What is an Annuity?

An annuity is a tax deferred savings vehicle offered by Insurance companies. It has become extremely popular among savers because of it Safety and tax preferred status. In an Annuity you also take advantage of “Triple Compounding” growth. You get interest on your principal, Interest on your interest and Interest on the money you would have paid in Taxes.

There is also A Guarantee of all principal as well as any interest credited. there are very few investments that can say “Principal Guaranteed at ALL Times” Some of the other benefits of an Annuity include, The ability to bypass probate and pay directly to your beneficiaries. This feature can save your heirs thousands of dollars in probate and legal fees. Annuities also have built-in protection against Bankruptcy, civil litigation and Law suits.

There has been a lot of innovation to annuities over the past decade. For Example: There is now an annuity that will allow you to participate in the up-side potential of the stock market, while protecting your assets from the down side risk. Many people call this a “Hybrid Annuity” The actual name or type of this annuity is the “Fixed Indexed Annuity” The key to keeping your money from market volitility is to keep your money out of the market.

Many retireies are looking very closely at annuities as a way to provide guaranteed income and security in this very unstable economy.

We encourage you to do research when looking at Annuities as well as any other financial product you may be considering.

We are happy to help you with that research.

There are actually four kind of Annuities and they are all explained in detail in the free e-book available for you to download.

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